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Every Californian should know California family law 

If you are currently going through a divorce, you need to know your California legal rights. But even if you are NOT going through a divorce, you should know something about California family law or at least where to find the answers to your California family law questions. So how do you find out what you want to know and how it all works? You purchase the best California family law book! Click here to purchase on amazon.com.

You Should Know…


First of all, let’s start with two facts that you should know. 

1. Each state passes its own laws, codes and rules for all areas of the law. So the laws in California are not the same as laws in other states. Accordingly, you must look to California laws for the answers to your divorce questions.

2. There is no jury in California family courts. There are two kinds of laws. Family law courts are courts of equity (non-money requests) as opposed to courts of law (requests for money). This division dates back to English common law. Under English common law, there was no jury in courts of equity. California adopted this same system when California became a state in 1850. Accordingly, there are no juries to decide family law issues in California. A California Superior Court judge decides disputed family law issues such as alimony, child custody, property division etc.

The Best Family Law Book

Secondly, you need some basic information about California family Law. To get this basic information, you should review the Alimony or Spousal Support, the Child Support & Custody/Visitation, Hiding Marital Assets and the California Property Laws pages on this website. However, only basic information is provided on these pages. So, after you have reviewed these pages, you should get some more in depth information. And you get more in depth information by buying the best California family law book that you can find.

And what is the best book? Of course, the best California family law book is California Family Law 2021 Edition by LW Greenberg Esq.

California Family Law 2021 Edition textbook by LW Greenberg EsqSo why is this book the best California family law book? Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • It includes all family law areas and issues.
  • It is easy to read and understand.
  • There are 2 table of contents (brief and complete) and an extensive index.
  • It has a 20 page glossary.
  • All Family codes and Rules of Court are current as of May 1, 2021.
  • And it is very reasonably priced for a law book or any book with 817 pages of valuable information.


If you already hired an attorney do you still need to buy this California law book? Yes, because if you have a divorce question you can ask your attorney and pay $500 for each answer. Or you can buy this family law book and get answers to all of your questions for a one time purchase price of $125.95. Click here to purchase the best California family law book on the market today!

California Legal Books Presents More Divorce Information 

This website, California Legal Books, has information that explains your California divorce rights. Specifically, there is information about alimony, child support, child custody, hiding marital assets, community property and more.

Additionally, there is a Divorce Questions and Answers page that you should also read. You can go to the DIVORCE QUESTIONS page by clicking here.

California Family Law 2021 Edition
If you have questions that were not answered on this website, purchase the best California family law book, California Family Law 2021 Edition, and you will find those answers.

California Legal Books Presents Family Law Questions




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Pay Alimony? Oh No!

QUESTION: Unsurprisingly, a person asked: “Will I have to pay alimony because my soon-to-be-ex-spouse has not worked since our children were born?”

ANSWER: Probably, yes.

Paying child support

QUESTION: Can I avoid paying child support by quitting my job?

ANSWER: No. If you quit your job, you will have to pay the same amount of child support as when you were working.

It’s my Retirement

QUESTION: If I divorce my spouse, can I keep all of my retirement without sharing it since I earned it while my wife stayed home and played games on the computer?

ANSWER: NO, you will most likely have to share it with your computer-game-playing soon-to-be-ex-wife.

Common Law Marriage/Living Together

This information about common law marriage is provided by California Legal Books. First of all, many people think that they are common law married because they have lived with their romantic partner for many years. However, you should know that California does not recognize common law marriage.

So, in California, you must get married to be married. And you must get a marriage license and have a marriage ceremony. A court will not consider you married if you do not have a license AND a ceremony.

Additionally, you should know that there are no laws to protect the rights of unmarried partners living together. There are no property division or support laws. So whoever buys the property, owns the property. And a judge will only give the property to the person who bought it, unless there is a Living Together Agreement that provides otherwise.

Further, a court will only order an unmarried partner to pay support to the other partner if an agreement so providing can be proven. In almost all cases, that means the partners must have a written Living Together Agreement.

For more information about unmarried couples living together, you should purchase the book, The Legal Rights of Unmarried Couples Living Together in California by LW Greenberg Esq. Click here to purchase on amazon.com.  Click here to go to ABOUT THE AUTHOR page.

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