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First of all, California Legal Books by LW Greenberg Esq are self-published books. And of course, they are all dated-edition law books.

Importantly, dated-edition books are completely updated as of the date of publication. Notably, this California family law book was completely updated three times over the last 5 years. Although, there are 53 five-star reviews for LW Greenberg’s California family law textbooks, this website page shows just 8 of them.

However, you can see all of the 53 five-star reviews on Of course, lists all of the available books written by LW Greenberg Esq. And with each book is the corresponding review.

Presenting, LW Greenberg’s latest California Family Law book.California Family Law 2021 Edition by LW Greenberg Esq

California Family Law 2019 Edition by LW Greenberg
And here is LW Greenberg’s
2019 California Family Law Textbook

California Family Law 2017 Edition by LW Greenberg Esq
And LW Greenberg’s
California Family Law Textbook published 2017

Family Law in California or the original California Family Law 2016 Edition
And finally, the first
California Family Law
Textbook written by LW Greenberg Esq
published in 2016


Not surprisingly, this book provides lots of information.

This textbook contains a lot of information regarding family procedures and statutes applicable. The language is very plain and understandable, it is very easy to follow for any law student or paralegal. You will also find practical cases and court holdings which are very helpful to fully understand many of the statutes and rules. By: Grecia


Notably, this reviewer finds the language in this law book clear and concise!

I like this book because it’s clear and concise; you don’t have to read through filler paragraphs to get to the good stuff. It’s also up-to-date on the latest amendments to laws. I would recommend grabbing the accompanying workbook to use as a study guide. By: Melissa


Notably, this book is highly recommended because it it well-researched and a great resource.

California Family Law 2021 Edition is a well-researched, comprehensive resource for understanding Family Law. The chapters cover a broad range of topics and include plenty of interesting examples to further understand the text. This book is an easy read for anyone interested in learning about CA Family Law, even without a legal background. LW Greenberg Esq is a very accomplished attorney and professor – this book does not disappoint! I highly recommend this book! by: Amanda


And finally, this law book is easy to read and understand.

This is a great book! I am a real estate broker and the information in this book has been very helpful to me when dealing with clients in divorce situations. This book is easy to read and to understand. The laws are clear and the cases make the laws easier to understand. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone interested in California family law. This really is the book to buy to understand California family law. R. Simon


A Recommendation from an Experienced Family Law Attorney

After 40+ years of practice, you can still learn a few things, a few shortcuts. …  LW Greenberg’s family law book is a must-read. All steps from filing a matter to Judgment are thoroughly covered. Case cites and discussions are helpful for even the most experienced attorney. I highly recommend this book to all in the family law field. M. D. HAS-ELLISON, ESQ. LA MESA, CA


Well Worth the Investment

As a family law attorney of many years, I found this work not only a reference for our paralegals but a great resource for procedural issues that may present for which I may not have an immediate answer. It is time saving and accurate. I recommend this book for anyone who does family law or is contemplating entering the field. Well worth the investment. Rosie Ford


A Book that Explains Family Law to Everyone

Great family law book that explains family law to everyone including non-law people. It is easy to understand and it explains the California laws and rules so that everyone can understand. If you want to know anything about family law, this is the book to buy. Lucy Wetherhold

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